Center Parcs Park Nordseeküste sold out!


Center Parcs Park Nordseeküste sold out!

Park Nordseeküste became yet another project on the list of entirely sold out projects. The success of this park originates from its ideal location in the Butjadingen region which is perfect for beach walks, swimming, boat trips, bicycles and excursions on the Wadden Islands located nearby. The Wadden Islands are a UNESCO World Heritage site and form an archipelago along 400 kilometres of coastline.


All of the 345 cottages at this park were completely renovated and now match the demand for comfort and luxury expected by modern tourists. All central facilities such as the Aqua Mundo and the Market Dome were entirely renovated as well, offering something to all people of all ages.

The Center Parcs concept

As the owner of a Center Parcs cottage, you only have one lessee: Center Parcs itself. Consequently, you receive your guaranteed return regardless of the individual occupancy rate of your home. Furthermore, Center Parcs completely unburdens you by caring for all maintenance and management work involved with your cottage. This ensures you will enjoy a completely carefree investment!

Becoming an owner

Do you want to become the owner of a cottage at one of our holiday parks in Germany or the Netherlands? Or are you looking to buy an apartment at the Spanish coast or in the French Alps? Contact one of our property advisors today and discover which investment is your perfect match!