Holidays increase in volume and comfort


Holidays increase in volume and comfort

Holiday homes show most growth

In a recovered economy, people do not only enjoy holidays more often, but also opt for more comfort and luxury. Dutch people for instance, booked 17.5 million holidays in their own country in 2017, just below half of the total amount of holidays. For these holidays booked inside the own country, tourist accommodations are most popular. Although hotels are the most popular type of accommodation, the market share of holiday homes showed a strong growth in particular.

More luxury and comfort

Many people enjoying their holiday want to be unburdened as much as they can. Consequently, they are prepared to pay more for a holiday in return for additional comfort and luxury. This reflects in the strong volume increase of holiday homes booked in 2017. These tourist also have come to expect higher standards in luxury. A sauna, whirlpool or a flat screen television are not regarded as excessive luxuries these days.

Center Parcs answers to the needs of both tourists and investors

To answer to the growing demand in luxury and comfort, Center Parcs is investing substantially in the renovation of its holiday parks. The modernisations of the German parks Hochsauerland and Nordseekùste are well underway, while the Belgian park Les Ardennes is already completed. A total of 7,000 holiday homes will be modernised in the next 5 years, reflecting a 400 million euro investment. The number of holiday homes available as investment property is rapidly decreasing due to exceptionally strong sales. The three holiday parks mentioned have only a few properties available, while Center Parcs Port Zélande and Limburgse Peel are already sold out.

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