Investments in real estate continue to grow in 2018


Investments in real estate continue to grow in 2018

Sustained economic growth ensures a lot of investment

Forecasts indicate that 2018 will once again be an outstanding year in the property investment market. The is partially caused by an economy that has returned to full steam with a 3.3% growth in 2017, the largest plus in the past decade. As this also results in additional savings, more people choose to invest in recreational properties.

Investing in real estate is sensible for everyone

Another contributing aspect is that the savings interests remain historically low, making property investments in 2018 interesting for people with limited amounts of savings too. The current economic climate therefore makes property investments attractive to nearly everyone. It offers a stable income, in a comprehensible concept in comparison to stocks and derivatives and takes considerably less time than other investments types.

Investing risk-free and maintenance-free

Center Parcs Property Investment offers many opportunities for investments in recreational properties. With a rental return that is guaranteed by Center Parcs, you automatically receive a steady flow of income. And you never have to worry about unexpected costs, as we fully unburden you by managing and maintaining your property. These benefits turn an investment with Center Parcs Property Investment into an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a carefree investment that retains its value on a long term.

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