Why invest in Center Parcs?

Investeren met gegarandeerde huurinkomsten

Saving or investing

Returns on your capital

How do you gain the best possible returns on your capital? The savings interests are low and you often have to pay taxes over your capital. Investments can be interesting, but managing them requires quite some time and expertise, while relying on external expertise costs money and results are never guaranteed.

Investing in recreational properties

As an alternative, thousands of people have opted to invest in the recreational properties offered by Groupe Pierre & Vacances–Center Parcs. You are entirely unburdened and know exactly what you will earn, both on a short and long term.

Center Parcs Property Investment

Center Parcs Property Investment enables you to buy your own recreational holiday home at the most wonderful holiday parks in Europe. The home always stays your property, while you earn a healthy return from guaranteed rental income that requires no effort on your behalf. The major benefit in comparison to other real estate investments with letting purposes, is with Center Parcs Property Investment, you never have to worry about the occupancy rate or maintenance and repairs.

6 reasons to invest in Center Parcs

A powerful brand

For over 50 years, the Groupe Pierre & Vacances – Center Parcs has built and operated sustainable holiday parks.

Fixed annual returns

Choose between receiving a fixed annual rent of 5% of the purchase price, or a variable rent of at least 3% + a percentage of the total rental revenue of the park.

Carefree management

Your holiday home purchased from Center Parcs Property Investment offers carefree management and requires no maintenance on your behalf.

Professional support

From our very first contact up to the purchase, we provide you with professional and personal support.

100% guaranteed rental income

You are assured of 100% of your rental income, regardless of the occupancy rate of your holiday home.

Long-term rental contract

You are offered a long-term rental contract of approx. 15 years, guaranteed by Groupe Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs.

How does it work?

Safe and carefree investments

Center Parcs Property Investment offers you a safe and carefree form of investing in recreational property, with a guaranteed ongoing rental income. Groupe Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs has been the thriving force behind the most attractive offering of holiday homes in Europe for over 50 years. And you stand to benefit from our double expertise in both recreational properties and tourist management. This enables us to guarantee you 100% quality and efficiency.

Rental agreement for 15 years

After purchasing your holiday home, you engage into a long-term rental agreement of approx. 15 years, guaranteed by Center Parcs. This takes the worries out of your investments, while you obtain long-term certainty. In the rental agreement, Center Parcs unburdens you entirely by caring for aspects such as:

  • Commercial exploitation – the commercial exploitation of your holiday home and the holiday park is fully taken care of
  • Vacancy risk – you always receive a guaranteed rental income, regardless of the occupancy rate
  • Maintenance – you never worry about maintenance, as Center Parcs fully takes care of this aspect

Low interest financing

In addition to investing with your own capital, you can of course also turn the low interest rates into a benefit by (partially) financing your investment. For various holiday parks, Center Parcs is happy to introduce you to reliable partners who can help.

Always excellent returns

Whether you buy your new holiday home with financing or your own capital, you always receive an excellent annual return. The holiday home stays your property, while you always receive a rental income. This makes investing in recreational property easy, and ensures you obtain great results from your capital.

Want to sell your holiday home?

As selling your holiday home is an equally important part of your investment, Center Parcs Property Investment will also gladly support you with this aspect.

Our own advisers and partners throughout Europe have an extensive network of approx. 60,000 potential buyers. Furthermore, you benefit from professional support and you will be entirely supported by us during the sales process.

Calculation example for your investment

  • € 155,000 = the value of the holiday home you purchase
  • € 75,000 = your own invested capital
  • € 80,000 = financed
  • € 6,600 = annual repayment in 15 years with a 3% interest
  • € 600 = annual costs for your holiday home
  • € 7,200 = total annual repayment and costs
  • € 7,500 = annual guaranteed rental income

In 15 years you completely repay your financing and earn a profit. Your own investment of € 75,000 is now worth € 155,000. This is an effective annual return of more than 7% on your investment!

Your own situation

This calculation example does not reflect a surplus value of your holiday home. And even if your home would be sold below the original purchase price, you still earn a positive return on your own capital.

Do you want to learn what this formula would look like for your personal situation? The experts in recreational properties at Center Parcs look forward to providing you with these insights.

Center Parcs Europe offers an official rent guarantee. This ensures you that you will punctually receive your quarterly rental income. Your returns and income can therefore be planned far ahead in the future.

How may we assist you?

Schedule an appointment

If you are considering to invest in one or multiple recreational properties offered by Groupe Pierre & Vancances-Center Parcs, we will gladly support you in defining your wishes and objectives. Of course we can always schedule a personal meeting, at our office in the Netherlands, the office at the project location in Vielsalm, Belgium, or at any other location at a time that suits you. Our team is available for you seven days a week

Sales & information events

Participate in a tour of the project location during our Sales & information events, and discover which investment opportunity is your perfect match. Our agenda shows when these events are being hosted. Will you register for our next event?

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