Investing in real estate

Invest with certainty

Returns on your capital

How do you earn a proper return on your capital? Savings interests are historically low and you often have to pay capital tax too. Investing can be an interesting alternative, but doing it yourself requires much time and expertise, while outsourcing costs money too and results are never guaranteed.

Investing in a holiday home

Thousands of people have chosen to invest in the recreational properties offers by Groupe Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs. This is a carefree investment that offers certainty about the financial results, both on the short and long run.

Investing with Center Parcs Property Investment

Center Parcs Property Investment enables you to buy and sell your own cottage or apartment at the most beautiful holiday parks in Europe. The holiday home remains your property, while you earn a solid return from guaranteed rental income without having to do anything yourself.

How does an investment
with Center Parcs work?

You buy a holiday home and lease it back to Center Parcs. In the rental agreement, Center Parcs will become responsible for all associated work, such as:

  • Commercial exploitation – for your holiday home and the entire holiday park
  • Vacancy risk – you receive your guaranteed rental income regardless of the occupancy rate
  • Maintenance – Center Parcs takes care of all maintenance to ensure you do not have to lift a finger

Rental agreement for 15 years

Many of the rental agreements are concluded for a 15 year period. This means you do not have to worry about your holiday, and receive long-term certainty!

Groupe Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs is an stock exchange listed enterprise founded over half a century ago. You therefore invest with a reliable and highly experienced partner.